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About Us

About Gopem Inc.

GOPEM Incorporated is an interdenominational ministry which started in 1999 and her core vision is “grooming people for the Kingdom of Heaven, showing and teaching them the path to excellent living (Eph 4:11-13)”. GOPEM runs different subsidiaries and has evangelism and 360 degree discipleship as her core motivations for all her outreaches.


What is GOPEM?

GOPEM is an acronym for God’s Pillar End-Time Mission. GOPEM is an incorporated ministry with board of trustees, executives, house members and field members. The ministry started in the year 1999. Her initial full name was God’s Pillar Evangelical Ministries, but had to adopt God’s Pillar End-Time Mission sill retaining God’s Pillar according to Jeremiah 1:18 as her new name for a smooth registration with Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria. Jeremiah 1:1-19 is pivotal to GOPEM. GOPEM motto is “…Lo, I am with you always”.

What is GOPEM Vision?

Grooming men for the Kingdom of Heaven, Showing and Teaching them the path to excellent living;

This is according to Ephesians 4:11-13 which says, “11 And he gave some, apostles; and some, prophets; and some, evangelists; and some, pastors and teachers; 12 For the perfecting of the saints, for the work of the ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ: 13 Till we all come in the unity of the faith, and of the knowledge of the Son of God, unto a perfect man, unto the measure (gauge) of the stature (height, physique, tallness) of the fullness (richness, completeness) of Christ”:

We believe God’s people are in three folds namely

  1. Those who have slept in Christ
  2. Saints currently in the church
  3. Potential believers (unbelievers) still in the World.

We therefore hope and trust in God to help us fulfil the vision committed into our hands as we minister to both the saints in the church and potential believers still in the world.

The Setman

The privileged Setman (i.e. founder) of this GOPEM Incorporated is Peter Olalekan Ilesanmi. He was born on April 7, 1980 at Omotayo Hospital, Ososami Ibadan. He is a native of Ilesa, Osun State of Nigeria. He gave his life to Christ in January 1998 and started ministry in 1999. The ministry was formally commisioned at Cultural Center, Mokola, Ibadan under the auspices of Rev S.O. Owolabi and Rev Ademola Olaiya. In 2003, he became an ordained Pastor under Glorious People’s Chapel. He is divinely called by God into Word and Music Ministry. While his major training was and is from the Holy Spirit, he has systematically gone through different trainings under Vessel of Honour Foundation (VHF) UI, SLM of Great Commission Movement (GCM), Nigeria Fellowship of Evangelical Students (NIFES), Glorious People’s Chapel etc. Till date, he is still an undergraduate learning in the school of the Holy Spirit, and being mentored by a number of God’s generals. In GOPEM the word Setman is currently used in place of founder, president or general overseer. In other word, in GOPEM Incorporated, Setman covers all other descriptive names or titles for founder. 

How did GOPEM start?

The SETMAN gave his life to Jesus Christ in January 1998 and the first direction about ministry came the same year but the ministry did not start until 1999. Peter’s first assignment was among the secondary school students both within and outside the state. The ministry was called God’s Pillar Evangelical Ministries then, and started having her impacts through Secondary Schools Outreaches and Student Mass Choir with over a thousand souls won into the Kingdom of God. The ministry later started other arms of the ministry, and today, to the glory of God, a number of subsidiaries are in operation with faithful and committed key brethren in charge. 

God’s Pillar End-time Mission (GOPEM) Incorporated hierarchical order

The following offices and/or designations are arranged according to their superiority

  1. SETMAN and Board of Trustees (BOT)
  2. President
  3. Deputy President
  4. Vice – President (Director) 1
  5. Vice – President (Director) 2
  6. Vice – President (Director) 3
  7. Ministry Ordained Ministers (Prophet, Evangelist, Pastors)
  8. Leaders, Coordinators, Deacons, Deaconess
  9. GOPEM Partners Forum (GPF)
  10. Voluntary Workers and House members
  11. Employed Staff and Field Members

GOPEM Mission, Aims, Subsidiaries etc.

  1. Our Mission/Calling:

We seek to use all our God-given resources, inspirations and every righteous available means to first prepare people for the kingdom of heaven and also with equal emphasis ensure their maximum excellent, victorious and healthy living during their sojourning on earth.

  1. Our Core Values
    1. To personally become groomed for the kingdom of Heaven.
    2. To personally discover and maintain the path to excellent living.
  • To give adequate opportunities to others to be groomed for the Kingdom of Heaven.
  1. To give adequate opportunities to others to discover and maintain the path to excellent living.
  1. Our Methodology (APA)
    1. Articulating the Word: preaching, speaking, teaching etc.
    2. Publishing the Word: prints, electronic, media (CD, Tapes etc).
  • Arts: Music, Drama, Creative Ministry etc.
  1. Our Strategies
    1. By organizing result-oriented and strategic meetings with specific target audience in view e.g. Word Music impacts (WOMIM), Living Transformed Programmes (LTP), Just Worship etc.
    2. By utilizing the potency of printing and electronic publication.
  • By establishing vibrant GOPEM Partners Forum (GPF) both locally and internationally.
  1. By effectively and pragmatically participating in mission and human total transformation through Mission and Human Support Services (MAHSS) amidst other platforms.
  2. By establishing vibrant GOPEM Mission Churches (GMC) all over the World e.g. KONECCC
  3. By establishing a sustainable The Grateful Heart Movement (TGHM) in different schools and communities.
  • By establishing a sustainable GOPEM Media (GM).
  • By establishing a sustainable and dynamic GOPEM ACADEMY and GOPEM University (GU).
  1. By taking the advantage of every righteous available means to achieve our vision and Calling.
  1. Our Subsidiaries
    1. WORSHIPPERS IN EVANGELISM (W.I.E) Minstrels: motto “sing about my vengeance”
    2. Mission and Human Support Services (MAHSS)
  • The Grateful Heart Movement (TGHM)
  1. GOPEM Media (GM)
  2. GOPEM Academy (GA)
  3. GOPEM University (GU)
  • GOPEM Mission Church (GMC)
  • GOPEM Partners Forum (GPF)
  1. GOPEM Investment (GI)
  1. Our Emphasis
    1. Genuine Salvation
    2. Sound Education
  • Timely Self-Discovery
  1. Right Association
  1. Our Tenet
    1. All Men are NOTHING outside God. God is supreme and can do ANYTHING through Man.
    2. We believe the whole Bible; the Old Testament as our REFERENCE and the New Testament as our STANDARD.
  • We believe God will not judge any man outside His written Word, the Holy Bible which contains 66 books ONLY. Hence, we regard ONLY the Bible as the final guide and standard, and take its contents AS IT IS. We shun all forms of doctrines that do not have their direct root in the Scriptures.
  1. We are committed to raising BIBLE ADDICTS. Hence, our brethren must learn and know the Holy Bible.
  2. We totally disallow divorce between legally married couple. We believe offenses are forgivable; however, if divorce must take place, it must be due to the sin of fornication as stated in the Holy Bible.
  3. We believe in tithing, seeds and offerings as stated in the Holy Bible. Hence, all members and workers should practice these in love for God and not under compulsion. However, we do not associate ourselves with anonymous tithe or gifts of any kind.
  • All members shall be involved in financing the ministry and her various projects through voluntary donations as enabled by the Holy Spirit. No individual may be forced to give or donate money or gifts.
  • We strongly disallow any registered member (both male and female) of the ministry from all forms of indecent dressing. Our brethren must be well covered. Our female workers are to cover their head while in Christian gatherings.
  1. We believe in water baptism by immersion, and the Holy Ghost baptism with the evidence of speaking in tongues.
  2. Only ordained ministers in GOPEM may engage in laying on of hands on behalf of the ministry. In the absence of a minister, a member may do so.
  3. Marriages are enacted in and by GOPEM only after the followings have been done:
    1. All tests not limited to Genotype, Blood Group, Hepatices, Pregnancy etc. have all proved correct and acceptable.
    2. Both Parents or parents-figure have consented.
  • Approval from the Courtship and Marriage Council (CMC) to proceed with such wedding has been given.
  • Ministers or workers found with verified gross misconduct shall be immediately relieved of offices, duties or any such. Prayers shall be raised by the overseeing Pastor for such individuals. One-on-one scrutiny and spiritual rehabilitation by the Line Leader and the overseeing Pastor shall then take place in love and truth for a minimum of 2 months for possible restoration upon genuine repentance. The individual under suspension shall not be allowed to miss any church programs or relevant meetings.
  1. GOPEM Secretariat

Office Address:

Charis Villa, Block A3, Agoro Village, Ido Local Government Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria.

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Pastor Peter Ilesanmi


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GOPEM Vision

Grooming men for the Kingdom of Heaven, Showing and Teaching them the path to excellent living.

Our Mission

We seek to use all our God-given resources, inspirations and every righteous available means to first prepare people for the kingdom of heaven and also with equal emphasis ensure their maximum excellent, victorious and healthy living during their sojourning on earth.

Our Emphasis

Genuine Salvation

Sound Education

Timely Self-Discovery

Right Association