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21 Nov 2019


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TEXT: Eccl. 12:12-14, Heb. 4:1-13

When we talk about the dimensions of the Word of God, we are talking about the Spoken Word, the Written Word and the Incarnated Word. And when we talk about the Incarnated Word, we can substantiate that when we consider the book John chapter 1. From the book of John chapter 1, we are sure that the Incarnated Word is talking about Jesus Christ, this can be linked up with verse 12 of Hebrews chapter 4.

It is to God we all must give account to, the real report of your stewardship in your local church will be given to God. The Bible says: there is nothing that can be hid from the eyes of the Lord. How about things I said behind the Pastor? It is very possible your Pastor won’t know about them, but the scripture says nothing can be hidden from God.

If that’s where it stops it could have been better, but the same scripture says it is this same God that nothing can be hidden from that we will all give account to. That gives me some troubles, because it means I can be very professional when it comes to pretending but I have a trouble because there is a God that nothing can be hidden from and He is the One I will give account to. I can be very professional when it comes to hypocrisy but I have a trouble and the trouble is that there is a God that everything before Him is naked and He is the One I will give account to.

Some time you ask a question that “how does this man/woman find it so easy to work in the fear of God?” He can’t even kill a fly, he’s so timid when it comes to God’s fear, so fragile, his heart is so childish, he can’t retain anything evil, and my own on the other hand is not like that, I can conceive bitterness against someone for a whole year, but I also feel bad when I do all of that. And then I still keep doing it, you ask yourself, what kind of a heart am I having? The secret is this; you see those people you’re saying they find it so easy to walk in the fear of God, it’s not because they have angelic hearts, they are also human, it’s just because they are aided with certain understandings and one that is the most premium of those understandings is this understanding (That there is a God you will give account to and nothing can be hidden from this God). That’s the reason why it’s not about you.

That’s the reason why when I do something that is wrong against you, even when you don’t know; the moment I get to know I’m immediately seeking for opportunity to correct myself because it is not about you. There is a God I will give account to and the problem is that nothing can be hidden from Him, that understanding drives me crazy, you know at times as human being you wish you can just do some things that God will not see, even as a Christian, you say: see what this person is doing to me, I just wish I can deal with him and God will not see me, but that can never happen because even if you are putting on “agbada”, before God you are naked; that resonates a godly fear.
You can be scheming and deceive and backbite, you can emphasize somebody’s errors and pretend as if that person has never been good and in your heart you know what you’re doing is wrong. When you choose to remember the good things someone has done instead of his errors, you are only doing yourself a favour because it makes it so easy for you to forgive him, if I decide to capitalize on the errors then it will be more difficult to forgive.

You are on a journey and there are so many cobwebs on the road, if you don’t walk properly you can get entangled in them, you can’t just help it as long as you’re still in this world. When some people think of the statement “you shall have tribulations” they think it’s just talking about lack of money, delay in marriage, delay in admissions, NO. it’s not only about those kind of problems, He’s talking about temptations, troubles, you want to wake up in the morning and live a whole day as a holy man and go to bed in the evening and say Father I thank you for I just lived a holy life today and then sleep right? I’m sure everyone wants that but in the real sense of it you know how many struggles you go through in a day.

At times, after having a very fantastic quite time in the morning and you get to the office and you greet someone, the person didn’t hear, so he didn’t respond and later the person comes back to you saying you are very arrogant, am I your mate that you can’t even greet and before you know it, you already lost your anger. And then after the 5 minutes or 10 minutes of anger you are like I just had a good quite time before I left home, what kind of rubbish is this? Yes, that is part of the cobwebs that fly around in this world we’ve found ourselves. They are everywhere, even if you wash a car and you park the car on the street, go back to the car after two or three minutes, touch it and you will see dust, except you just want to ask Him that take me away from this world now, but as long as you are in this world you have to be prepared for all these and there will be an increase because we are in a crooked and perverse generation becoming more adulterous in nature.

I have a father, oh I so much like him, there is something I’ve spotted in him that I have learnt and still learning. When I walk with people, I try to understand their strengths, and also understand their human frailties because I want to leverage on their strengths and learn. One thing I’ve learnt from this man is his ability to possess, retain and deploy the fear of God. . So obviously, he has it and I’ve known him for years, he’s not losing it; even in most senseless situations he still deploys it. He must have been reminding himself every time that it’s not about all these people around me, it’s about God who nothing can be hidden from. So each moment he reminds himself, he doesn’t struggle to retain the fear of God.

When you forget this essential premium truth, then you begin to have struggles with some values in life. Look at Job, he didn’t struggle, he said I have vowed not to behold a virgin, I’ve had time that I’ll be going on the street, you know when you’re driving you see a lot of things, and there is a difference between seeing and looking. I’ll just see and that spirit will say look at that lady again, sometimes I speak up, if you are beside me you will say pastor is everything right? I’ll speak up and say why should I look at her again, I have no business looking at her again because I don’t have to start struggling. Of course the spirit will not say look to lust after her, the spirit will say look at the cloth she’s wearing. Whenever my wife is with me, I can look and bring her into a discussion about it.

When you have this kind of scriptures ruling your heart, you don’t struggle with temptation, your statement and your response that others may but I can’t, is quick. And you’re not saying I can’t because you want to do spiritual macho man, that is not the point, the point is that it’s not as if it is not enticing for you to also do it, it may still be enticing but the point is that you know it is not an option for you because you are dealing with a God that nothing can be hidden from and you will give account of all to Him.

This is the foundation of this series (Godly Fear). Now let me ask you this question, if you understand this foundation, do you need any Pastor to follow you for your NYSC? If you understand this foundation, will your life at home, the way you dress in your street, the way you talk in your community, will it be different in any way with the way you dress and talk in church? So we can simply say if we have a church member who has an outward appearance meant for the house or his/her street and place of work and another appearance for church, he does not understand this concept. If we understand this concept it then means, there should be actually nothing in my life that I do in secret that I’m not able to do in the public. If we understand this concept, it them means church members should be transparent.

The aim of this part of the series is for us to understand that there is no super human being when it comes to the fear of God, a man only fears God because he his aided with some understandings. So it means whatever level of sanctification anybody has attained, you also can attain.

Having laid this foundation then let’s go back to Ecc. 12:12-14 and see an importance of this issue of godly fear. The foundation we have laid is what can help any man or woman to walk in the fear of God.

Vs 13: “Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter”, that statement gives me a lot of troubles. Project 5 million, it’s a matter, WOMIM 2019, it’s a matter, I want to get wedded, it’s a matter, admission, it’s a matter. Some time, what doesn’t matter to you matters to others. When I was seeking for admission it was like the entire life but when I got admitted I discovered that it was actually a matter. Building a house, it’s a matter. The scripture says let us hear the conclusion of all these beautiful matter. I have deceived myself before with things that are just matter, I don’t do that anymore. When we understand all these things, we will have rest. What is the conclusion of the whole matter? “Fear God”.

You can have all the gifts of the Spirit, that’s not the conclusion, have all the money, charisma, gain all the promotion, be scheming, that’s not the conclusion. Many times, when we are in a particular situation, like if you are in school, campus life appears as if it will continue and not end, but is that so? When you are within a particular situation, the euphoria of that situation can enter your head. Always remember as a correct Christian that it is just a matter. The conclusion of the whole matter is to fear God, even if the act of fearing God will come with tears, it is better because you will have your peace. That is the conclusion.

You know what God will say? I have created fantastic things for you, you have different stages of your life, different aspirations, ambitions, dreams. In fact, someone wrote about it that God has made man occupied all the days of his life. He created the world and men are occupied till they die. But the conclusion of the whole matter is to fear God, when you fear God you have no secret you’re keeping that now makes you lose your peace. Nothing worths you losing your peace, nothing in this world. Fear God and let God see your heart and find no evil intention (something deliberate). You can’t have this peace if you don’t fear God. Life is not mathematics because many of our calculations about life will not work, many things will come your way that you don’t bargain for, but what will be your anchor and your peace? Fear God, He will make all things work together for your good.

One of the signs that show I lack the fear of God is when I check my life, and there are things that if God should bring them to the fore I’ll be ashamed. If I fear God, there should be nothing that if God should bring to the open, I will be ashamed.

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