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Joy Eternal

3 Sep 2019

Joy Eternal

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TEXT: John 16:33, Mat. 5:11

We should take note of certain words as we focus on John 16:33:

Does it make sense for someone to tell me that I’m going to have tribulations during my lifetime, and the same person is telling me to cheer up?

Someone might say God has said we have overcome the world. When we hear the statement “you have overcome the world”, what we should normally expect is that we won’t really have troubles and tribulations but He said we will have them and He’s asking us to cheer up. It’s like someone saying you’ll be hungry but always look fed and happy. It does not make sense.

Tribulation can make a man hear the voice of the Lord and not honour it. He said in the world “I shall have tribulation” but He also told me to “cheer up”, which is my point of emphasis.

He has told you to cheer up, the question now is that will you believe that word? The very first thing we should check is the CV of the One telling us to cheer up, does He have what it takes for Him to tell us to cheer up and we will go to bed to sleep? There are some people that will tell me to cheer up and I won’t answer them because I know even they themselves cannot move a fly.

Let us check the CV of this Person telling us to cheer up.

Col. 1:7…

Brothers and sisters, these kind of scriptures should be your best friends. Know them like the back of your palm. Don’t build your faith in Christ on any Pastor, know your God personally. Have a direct link to God yourself, let it be “my God” and not “our God” alone.

Vs. 11:

“Strengthened with all might, according to his glorious power, unto all patience and long-suffering with joyfulness;”

How can you talk about long-suffering and then end it with joyfulness?

Pay a close attention to His resume from verse 15.

He is the image of the invisible God, in order words when I see Jesus, I don’t need to believe that I will see the Father, I have already seen the Him.

Vs 19…for it pleased the Father. This is the confusion of Islam, it pleased the Father that in Jesus should all His fullness dwell, nobody forced it on God the Father, He made it so. That is the reason why it is an insult to compare Jesus Christ and Mohammed, there is no basis for comparison. It means when you mention the name Jesus, you already mention all the names of God you can ever think of. Who forced it on God? No one, who made it so? God the Father Himself.

Vs 20…and having made peace through the Blood of His Cross. Notice that the bible didn’t say through the Blood of the Cross, so that we won’t get confused because He was not the only one on the cross, there were thieves also on the cross.

That is the resume of the One that told us to cheer up. You dishonor him when He tells you to cheer up and you don’t cheer up. Just imagine where you live, there are some hooligans troubling you and you receive a phone call from Mr. President that you shouldn’t worry and just sleep at peace in your house from tonight that he has ordered his special security agents to surround your house. And then after dropping the call you still didn’t stay in your house that night. How do you think Mr. President will feel? How much more God, the Maker of the Heavens and the Earth.

He said the reason why we must cheer up is that He has overcome the world. That statement must be well understood.

Have you ever watched a movie that you were so emotional and almost crying? Now think of it, can that happen to the person who wrote the script? He’s only happy that you’re enjoying the movie, he’s not moved because he knows the end. That is the meaning of “I have overcome the world”. I know your end.

As a young man, when you listen to God and follow His chosen career path for your life, He knows the end. If you go ahead to copy a friend and choose another career path, He still knows the end. He knows the end of every possible choices.

All God needs from you is agreement because He can always guide you by His spirit to make the right choice. So, your boat may be rocked to the left or to the right as if it’s about to capsize, He knows the end.

If He has not been to the end, He can never say I have overcome, it takes a person who has been to the end to say I have overcome. This is the Person assuring you and I and that is why your happiness may be affected as a Christian, your joy should not be affected, it should be eternal.

There is a vast difference between happiness and joy. Real joy can only be found among believers, you see all those window dressing you see in the world, all the celebs we see, everything is just make believe and not true joy. Truly, some of them may have happiness and when they are in the peak of their happiness you need to see them, you want to envy them because you are shallow in your understanding. If I am not shallow in my understanding, I will never envy them because I know my life is far better than theirs. There is no way they can be my role model, how can someone I’m pitying his end be my role model?

If we don’t understand anything, we should understand this that the One that said “I have overcome” said it because He has been to the end.

There is this song He gave me long time ago:

“The road is narrower now, the journey is not by strength, there may be test of faith, You have always promised safe landing but I can’t move on without You Holy Spirit.”

When He gave me that song, I didn’t understand what the troubles of life means, there are songs you write when you don’t even understand the meaning of the song.

He says He has overcome, over your troubles, your academics, marriage, marital life, finance. He has overcome!

Many of us always say Pastor does not understand what I’m going through. Pastor understands, it’s only that Pastor loves you. If you want to know whether your pastor loves you or not, if your pastor does not fight you all through the year and he’s not concerned about whatever move or decision you make, that pastor does not really love you. If you are truly an apple of that Pastor’s eyes, a month can not go without him noticing something to correct in you. This is not just psychology, the bible established it; “it is the son the Father loves, he chastises”.

From wherever the trouble is coming from, He says cheer up. There is only one thing you need and that is called obedience. For that promise to become a reality, that you will be an overcomer, you only need obedience. And note that there are times you obey when sincerely speaking it doesn’t make sense to obey and you can’t even see the reason why you have to obey, but you just have to obey, if you don’t believe ask Peter. That is our destiny as believers – In the world we shall have many tribulations but we should cheer up!


1. All through my life journey help me to retain my joy.
2. Lord, let me not miss my great joy.


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