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8 Jul 2019


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TEXT: 2 Kings 5: 1-14


Elisha didn’t go out to meet Naaman, not because he was proud or wanted to purposely degrade him. He did that because he needed to put him in a position that would make him attract the supernatural.

What are those things that can attract the supernatural?

1. Humility – Humility is an indispensable value anyone needs to attract the supernatural. Elisha needed to help Naaman become humble. Naaman came with so much arrogance and Elisha knew there was no way he could be healed with such arrogance in him. He instructed Naaman to go to river Jordan not because he couldn’t just lay his hands on him and heal him but just to drive away the pride and arrogance in him and replace it with the needed humility to attract supernatural healing. Elisha didn’t even send one of the sons of the prophet but he sent a servant. He really humbled Naaman!
As children of God, for us to attract the supernatural in all our endeavors we really need to have a humble spirit.

2. Obedience-

To be continued in the next post……….

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